Sunday, December 10, 2017

Snowman Hugs by Sabrina

Hello to all Digi Doodle friends! Like every Sunday, here I am with my new project!
Today I present the very nice Snowman Hugs

For its coloring I used the Tombow Dual Brush, I leave the color codes:
- snowman: N65, 528
- nose: 946
- arms: 977
-  mouth : 845
- cheeks: 772
- hat and scarf: 845
- jackets: 946
- Hearts jackets: 528
- shades: N15

This hug between snowmen is so sweet that I decided to let it enter my Christmas, using it to create a Christmas home decor !!!
I bought a small sled to mount, I assembled and colored with Tommy Art colors by Tommaso Bottalico, I used brown brown mixed with TImbrillo TOmmy Art to give more brightness to the color !!
I put the fake snow on the slide and to create the sand effect I used the "colored fine-grained" of the 13 @ art gray color. I have included several embellishments, such as trees, frames created with ceramic plaster, Christmas packages, mushrooms, reindeer in wood ... in short, everything that could make my sled scene ... and finally the beautiful Snowman Hugs

This little sled will complete the decoration of the space dedicated to Christmas gifts in my living room! I hope I will be inspired!