Friday, June 16, 2017

Dahlia's Blooms

Good Morning Friends!
Happy Friday!!

I am excited to share with you one of our newest Digi's "Dahlia's Blooms"!

We recently moved to a new home. When we purchased our new home, it was Fall/Winter time. We fell in love with the home and it's surroundings! But, what we didn't know, nor could ever imagine, is when Spring came, so did several flower gardens! 


WOW! It was almost overwhelming! Each day I am amazed to see something new, and more 
beautiful than the day before!


I absolutely LOVE flowers, but I have to admit, this is the first time I've ever had my own flower gardens, so I have been doing much research on how to care for all these beauties! If you have any suggestions...please feel free to share!

So can you see where "Dahlia's Blooms" came from? She was completely inspired by my new gardens. And truthfully, I have a lot of friends who love to garden! Hope you all do too!

With Spring in full bloom and summer just moments away, "Dahlia's Blooms" can bring a lot of smiles! I've already used her to wish a very special friend a Happy Birthday!!

I hope I have inspired you in some way today!

**Oh and don't forget, I am looking for a new Design Team to work with all these cuties! Check out the details here!

Have a wonderful weekend and take time to smell all those beautiful flowers!

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Take time to enjoy your everyday – doing something that brings you great joy!

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