Wednesday, June 14, 2017


Hey Friends!

Happy Wednesday! I hope you all are enjoying your week so far!

So my husband and I are constantly in a debate over what is a weed and what is a flower. Well according to him, everything is a weed! Nice huh?

But I think weeds are subjective! I really think most flowering weeds are actually very pretty! 

My new Digi, "Acacia & Mugs" was inspired by just this...weeds or flowers!

Obviously, Acacia agrees with me, but Mugs is just busy watching the garden dragonfly!


This bloom is considered a weed by most, but I think it's beautiful!

So what do you think? Weeds or Flowers? I hope all your weeds are wildflowers like mine!

You can find "Acacia & Mugs" as well as many more Digi's on our website. Visit our Studio today for instant downloads!

I hope I have inspired you in some way today!

Have a wonderful week!

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Take time to enjoy your everyday – doing something that brings you great joy!

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